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released November 22, 2011

Allerus, Chris Piquette, No Boundaries Studios



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Allerus Boston

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Track Name: Artifacts Collapsed
You are eaten alive,
consumed by what you've always feared,
you just don't understand what this has done to me,
but like you care at all, at all,

I will not take you seriously
not anymore!

There's no way out of here,
You're in this on your own and you're alone

what do i have left?
just this hole I've dug
swallowed by my guilt
i have no where to run
you have no where to hide
i will break you down,
the memory of me will break you down.

now she goes on,
with no worries
she prays on the wake
looking for someone like me

you left me high and dry
now i live with this curse
what do i have left in this world?
what does this make me?
just a man?
Track Name: MonstHER
Let betrayal surround us,
for we have nothing to live for,
we have nothing to live for!

broken promises consuming nothing but your mind
how long can we last living like this?
all i can ask for is forgiveness!

forgive me, for i have sinned again

just take me back
back to where i belong
the place that i hope is home!

was it worth it in the end?
or was it just the final mistake?
where did our hearts go?

emptiness is still what haunts my dreams,
i'm the only one that can hear your screams.
now sit here asking for help
now you sit alone by yourself

you never thought it could end so fucking bad,
best believe me baby i don't wanna see you sad,
lets take back everything,
let us rewind,
or i will just have to leave you behind,
leave me behind.
Track Name: The Morning After
Things only get worse,
for us day by day,
i will never be anything more,
it will never be how it was before

so why must i live or die, live or die
what have you become?

a monster in disguise

when is it time to stop calculating,
these risks and rewards and do what is right?
I've been beaten down, more than you've ever known,
I've been beaten down, say goodbye to this...

i don't need you this time
go back where you came from, go

if you promised,
that this would be taken care of,
why hasn't this war been won?,
i'm standing close to the edge,
the wind is blowing harder,
can't you see i'm reaching for you?,
we need to make it through this!,
why cant we just work together?,
oh we can if we try,
this leap is in the right direction,
we could be one,
don't act like we don't have time

this good heart can only take so much,
i would give everything just to see you once,
you were my joy, you made me feel alive

i can do this, you can do this, we can do this, if we try!